Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well its official

It is official, I am only a stay at home girlfriend. I used to stay I was a student but after last week I was dropped from my classes. I tried to log into my school account and it denied me and when I called they said my financial aid had a snag and I wouldn't receive any for the semester. I was given two days to come up with a couple thousand dollars. I couldn't and my parents couldn't after shelling out $12000 for my sisters medical bills.

I am singing the blues right now. I really am. I am now completely and totally dependent on the boyfriend. Food, rent, anything! I also feel indebted to him. Like I can say no to his request like, "can you pick Jake up from school or Can you run these letters to the post office". It probably would do these things anyway. It is feeling like I don't have a choice that hurts right now. And the boyfriend has been great thus far. January can't come soon enough.

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