Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girl Friday, yes ma'am

My sweetie pie and friends all know that I am something of a Girl Friday. I fix things, mostly others work. It is safe to say I am an organizer by nature. If I am bored I will start reorganizing entire rooms. Nothing happens until I have a list in my hand. Believe it when I tell you I have a Master-List of my little lists.

It works well for the fella and I since he is a big picture kind of guy. I am a little details make the world better woman. Together, we can actually finish a project, most of the time.

Because I only have classes 3 days a week I have a significant amount of spare time. I was told I need something else in my life and it was true. I got in touch with the local library and offered to volunteer and tutor. They didn't have any volunteer positions open! Really???

But it worked out you see. The man who interviewed me said that the library is also responsible for the state government's archive. AND, that they had a place for me. I was ready to scream I was so happy. As a paralegal student I have firmly believed that I would rather work for the state than a private practice. This is my tiny little toe in the door. It isn't Kew Garden but its not bad!

I wonder if I should buy a new pair of shoes for the occasion?

Monday, March 21, 2011

what I'm digging on now

Several of the blogs I enjoy reading have put up their current five favorites or something similar. I thought it would be a pretty easy blog post but I actually had to sit and think awhile.

1. Seedlings- I started some seeds back in February. They have been living in my bedroom window and it is such a sweet surprise every morning when I see them. The surge of green, life, and renewal makes me feel like I can do anything.
2. Playlist- I have only recently started making playlist for my workouts, study sessions, trips to the grocery store. Something about it makes me feel like I am in a movie and they are playing the soundtrack behind me. I  feel a little more glamorous.
3. Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter- I love a good porter or Stout. But this beer makes me go back to Swiss Cottage in London anytime I drink it.
4. Golden Girls- When I am headed in the direction of being "Vintage" I want all of my problems to be fixed by sitting down and eating a cheesecake with my girlfriends.
5. The Fella- Seems silly, but there is always something new that I love or makes me giggle. Or even the flowers be brings me just because I am basket-case that he loves.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan

Today is a day of silence on Jamie Girl's Blog. Go to these sites instead:

Shelter Box *where I donated

Red Cross

Mercy Corps

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Step on a crack

Throw out your back. I did that. Yesterday, in the middle of the night. With pain so bad I had to scream for the fella to help me back into bed. I spent the morning at the chiropractors office while she did her best to realign me. I am going back tomorrow for good measure.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

flappers and whiskey

Last night was a dear friends 40th Birthday Party. Her chosen theme: 1920's speakeasy.

Being the good friend that I am I completely forgot about it until the morning of. People, I've had at least two months notice. I even had a sticky note on my bathroom mirror to remind me. And.I.FORGOT. So, naturally I panicked. 

I don't have a flapper costume or a Gatsby-esqe gown hanging in the back of my closet. I went to the local costume shop and looked around. they had several cute dresses. I gathered them up and tried them on. Apparently they are made for size 0 only. Fine, I got a frappachino to ease my pain and went to the fabric store. I was going to make own damn flapper costume with matching headband. And I did. Cute huh?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I can't get my booty in gear or my skinny jeans!

Ugh, its one of those days.

You know the kind. The starts off bright and gay, you walk into your closet and think, hmm, yes, those skinny jeans are mine. And then it happens, they don't fit. No matter how much pleading and begging they don't obey. The day goes down hill from there.

You have "0" motivation for anything except that soul saving brownie someone brought to your desk. Work, study, projects; they just sit there while you do nothing.

If you are having that kind of day as well, here is a plate of brownies for you