Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girl Friday, yes ma'am

My sweetie pie and friends all know that I am something of a Girl Friday. I fix things, mostly others work. It is safe to say I am an organizer by nature. If I am bored I will start reorganizing entire rooms. Nothing happens until I have a list in my hand. Believe it when I tell you I have a Master-List of my little lists.

It works well for the fella and I since he is a big picture kind of guy. I am a little details make the world better woman. Together, we can actually finish a project, most of the time.

Because I only have classes 3 days a week I have a significant amount of spare time. I was told I need something else in my life and it was true. I got in touch with the local library and offered to volunteer and tutor. They didn't have any volunteer positions open! Really???

But it worked out you see. The man who interviewed me said that the library is also responsible for the state government's archive. AND, that they had a place for me. I was ready to scream I was so happy. As a paralegal student I have firmly believed that I would rather work for the state than a private practice. This is my tiny little toe in the door. It isn't Kew Garden but its not bad!

I wonder if I should buy a new pair of shoes for the occasion?

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  1. Hey daaaahling, thats awesome, congrats! I wish I was as industrious as you. Lately I've been so super lazy!
    *kisses* HH