Monday, March 21, 2011

what I'm digging on now

Several of the blogs I enjoy reading have put up their current five favorites or something similar. I thought it would be a pretty easy blog post but I actually had to sit and think awhile.

1. Seedlings- I started some seeds back in February. They have been living in my bedroom window and it is such a sweet surprise every morning when I see them. The surge of green, life, and renewal makes me feel like I can do anything.
2. Playlist- I have only recently started making playlist for my workouts, study sessions, trips to the grocery store. Something about it makes me feel like I am in a movie and they are playing the soundtrack behind me. I  feel a little more glamorous.
3. Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter- I love a good porter or Stout. But this beer makes me go back to Swiss Cottage in London anytime I drink it.
4. Golden Girls- When I am headed in the direction of being "Vintage" I want all of my problems to be fixed by sitting down and eating a cheesecake with my girlfriends.
5. The Fella- Seems silly, but there is always something new that I love or makes me giggle. Or even the flowers be brings me just because I am basket-case that he loves.

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