Friday, October 29, 2010

I am walking 3.2 miles for boobies

Tomorrow morning, at 8am I am going to walk 3.1 miles for Breast Cancer Awareness. This is truly a first for me. My Aunt C suffered and lost both her breast to the cancer, but not her life. I am walking with a great group of girls and my Sweet Puppy Dog, and his son. Here is the thing though...

1. I hate getting up that early. I mean REALLY hate it.
2. It is going to be cold in the morning. Like, 39 degrees cold. I am shivering already.
3. I am really lazy, I don't want to do it.
4. I was drunk when my best friend talked me into this. I want takseys backseys

I have been whining all night trying to impress the importance of these points to the Boyfriend. I really want him to tell me, "Okay, Honey, if you don't want to go you can stay bundled up in bed. We will bring you a bagel and coffee when we come back". -But that is not what he said, instead he said this...
"Honey, think of the breast! We have to save the breast! I mean, boobies, Honey, the world needs boobies!"

Okay, so to be serious. I have truly wonderful and amazing ladies in my family. Some of them have been touched by this horrendous cancer. It has taken lives, taken hope and faith, and it has taken their identities in some cases. I hate to say that I don't know anyone now who has not been touched in some way by Breast Cancer.

I will be out tomorrow proudly pounding the pavement with my girls to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. I believe we can and will find a cure. If you can, please click the pink link and make a donation. If you can't try to find a way to be involved wherever you may be. Every little bit helps and it makes a big impact.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stay at home girlfriend, is this the trend?

I was listening to the radio while running errands this morning when I had a light bulb moment. The talk radio personality was chatting about the effect of the current economy on the rate of weddings. According to her fewer couples are getting married than in the past few years.

Now, I am sure that doesn't mean the couples are breaking up just because they haven't walked down the isle yet. It made me wonder just how many Stay at home girlfriends are actually out there? As far as I have found there are only a handful. I can name oodles of housewives and stay at home moms, but house-girlfriends? Well, no not really.

I know that for me this was not really a planned path. We did not plan on me becoming a stay at home girlfriend it just evolved. And truthfully I will go back to being a student in January. But in the meantime, where are my girls at?

Need: New Laptop Spending: Swagbucks

I am desperate need of a new laptop. Mine is slowing down more and more everyday. The BF and I have the same computer though they were purchased about 4 months apart. Mine was a gift from my mother. His held up a little better than mine. Mine gets ridiculously hot doing nothing at all. When you turn it on and wait for the process to launch you can go fix breakfast and brew 12 cups of coffee and come back with fingers crossed that its ready to work.

The boyfriend and I are still working out our finances since I am a stay-at-home-girlfriend until January when I go back to school. When I go back I get a stipend to supplement my income but until then, nothing. So, my new $500 laptop in not in the budget.

I figured something else out though. In March I stared using Swagbucks. I instantly loved it. I installed the tool bar and do simple searches like amazon or facebook and they randomly award me points called Swagbucks. I like to save up my currency and then redeem my points for an Amazon gift card worth $5. I apply them to my amazon account and voila. I probably won't have enough Swagbucks to pay for a computer by the time I get my stipend, but today I realized I have $60 sitting in my account. By January hopefully I will have earned another $50. I am actually going to hold out as long as possible to continue saving.  I encourage you to sign up for Swagbucks too. You can stack your amazon gift cards in your account and they make a great treat for yourself or even stash them away until Christmas. Happy Swaggin'!

This or that?

desktop or laptop? -Laptop

city or country? -City

books or movies? -Books

East Coast or West Coast? -East Coast

modern or vintage? -Vintage

go out or stay in? -Go Out

quilt or comforter? -Comforter

Disneyland or Disney World? -Disneyland

Facebook or Twitter? -Facebook

order or chaos? -Order


Monday, October 25, 2010

I miss London and the life I wanted to have...

I met Honey Pot about 4 years ago. We will have been together 4 years in February, but that's not important.

So lets do a little background. I am a bit younger than him (by a decade or so). He is well traveled and brilliant (no, the over-degreed kind). For as long as I can remember I have wanted to live in London. It had to be London, and not some other shire or village in England.

I also had a less obvious desire to be my grandmother. She has never actually held a job. She was a mother and a political wife. She hosted teas, was an integral member of various campaigns and so forth. He life was glamorous and never mundane. I wanted that job (even if that job was a glorified housewife).

So when I met Boyfriend I learned he had just left the Foreign Service and had been stationed in London. I felt a twinge. Obviously I has smitten, he is very cute and charming (-when he wants to be). But he had just walked away from what I was working toward. Damn his scene of timing. I could have been a ex-pat housewife in London on my Governments dime. I am Super Hostess and would have made a great F.S. wife.

So, after we had been dating a year we took the big step of traveling internationally together. Sort of an anniversary gift for us. Yeah right, he was really there doing research for his PhD. But I was there for more. I slept in every morning and had a full English breakfast sent up to me room about 11am. What, didn't you know calories don't count if you are on vacation?

I wondered all around that city. I would pick up lunch and meet the BF in a park somewhere for a picnic. We would make dinner plans then he would head back to work. I would head to a Pub or Harrods (still paying those three hours off on my credit cards :(  ).

I guess today I am just missing those 2 weeks of what I thought my life would be like by now. Instead I am doing the school pick-up in Tennessee and laundry, lots of laundry.

When he proposes there had better be a plane ticket to Heathrow under that ring!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My *perfect dinner party

I have seen this question floating around the blog world a lot lately. I have been asked in the past or tagged for this question and just put it off. I mean, there are so many fabulous people how could you choose so few. Well, mission accomplished.
Hey, its not like I have anything better to do with my time...

*by the way, everyone here is still alive and kicking as far as I know
1. The "everything" one- The everything one has to go to my sister. We are two completely mismatched peas in pod. We fight and annoy each other and two minutes later we break into song and dance. No, really, we do. we are a short a few marbles.

2. The funny one- When Snookie-Wookie started his PhD. classes we met some very interesting people. One in particular has become a dear sore of giggles and rudeness for me. She is a pirate and also studies them. she is currently in The Hague. She says completely inappropriate things and no one is safe from the spread of laughter and happiness she brings with her.

3. The thought-provoking one- John Stewart. I actually think he would be able to engage this mess of people in a thoughtful way and keep the topic of conversation on the vital points of current events and force people to think outside their own boxes.

4.The wow factor- Any number of my favorite authors. some are beach trash, some are legal minds, some are keeping ideas of romance in a small cottage in the English countryside alive.

5. The wild card- Kim Jong-IL. Because everybody at my party would be sitting across from him at the table going, "Dude, what the He$$!" or "Have you stopped or never started taking the anti-crazy pills?" Hay, it was a wild card.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sings: The thrill is gone, the thrill is gone away

I will stop singing now. Feel very blessed that you cannot actually here me through your computer. I can say honestly that I won't being winning Idol anytime soon.

Anyhoo loverlies- Last night was the last night my Smoosh Cheeks and I had alone before his son came back from a visit to his mothers. I was trying to get the romance going. I had Casablanca on the TV. It is a favorite for both of us. In fact I think we spent one of our first dates watching it. He wasn't into it at all. He sat at the dining room table playing some stupid conquer the world game on his laptop. Men! I turned the lights off and lit some candles. Still, nothing. Finally in the last two minutes of the movie he comes and sits beside me on the couch. Of course this is after I have thrown my hands in the air in defeat and went to the bedroom to collect my cuddle cow.

I think in an effort to appease me he payed for another of my favorite movies on the on-demand option. I watched Bridget Jones; The Edge of Reason. If that woman can get the romance going there may still be hope for me. Seriously people, at the end of the movie she was batting with two members of the VIP club. Sheesh!

How do you all keep the romance alive and well? Do you let love take its course? Are there planned date nights? Do those even work or do you feel pressure of forced into a mood that you may or may not be feeling on that day?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

vocalpoints, you owe me

I signed up for vocal points when they had the $25 amazon gift promotion going on. I also completed the promotion by writing twenty reviews, all more than 900 words, and on products in the suggested categories. I was really looking forward to me $25 to add to the rest of my swagbucks AGC I have been stacking.

Well, I received my email today with my gift-card. My gift-card for $10. I am so mad. I don't think I will be writing for them anymore. From now on I am sticking to Swagbucks. Take my warning and avoid

How not to wake a woman up...

So my Snookie Wookie-ums gets up and heads to class long before I like to open my eyes. This morning I got up behind him to lock the door on his way out. Sometime I do, sometimes I don't. I ran back to the bedroom and tried to get back to my warm spot and snuggle back in. I was successful!

But not an hour later, maybe 8:30ish I hear a knock on the door. A very loud knock. Oh mister UPS man, just leave the box there I will get it later. No, not this guy, he continues to BANG on my door for another five minutes. A woman can't sleep with this kind of distraction. So I get up to sign for a dumb package only to discover that this is not the UPS man at my door. This is very large, slightly scary looking man. He hands me a notice saying all door and breezeways must be kept clear and this was my final notice. Next time, as I was informed, my item would be removed and I would be fined $200!

Well, can you imagine how pleasant I was since I hadn't had coffee or enough beauty sleep? First, I told him I didn't have anything blocking the door or breezeway or any other f*cking place! He gruffly told me that if I didn't remove the lock from my bike that was secured to the staircase downstairs they would cut it and take it. I looked him square in the eye and told him to do it...because:

2. I will be telling my neighbors when they get home (obviously they didn't get the notices so management is going to be in big trouble.)
3. If you don't leave one way or the other I will call the police for harassment and destruction of property.

By the way, I went through and read the lease agreement and there is absolutely nothing in it about obstructions in the breezeway. HA! I never want to be woken up that way again. I am in such a bad mood, can ya tell?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who are you and why are you talking about my eggs?

I fully admit I don't get out of the house nearly enough! That doesn't mean that I can't handle social interaction because people, I am a butterfly.

The fella and I went to pub trivia last night, like we do most Tuesday nights. Last night there were several new people , friends of friends, joining us. The night went on, we had a blast,...and we won $50.  Now lets get down to eggs.

I sat at the head of the table of 12. One the other end was a new girl that I didn't get a chance to properly introduce myself to. Toward the end of trivia I got a question right and pulled out some rather embarrassing trivia knowledge, a la real housewife's of Beverly Hills :( This girl (We will call her Suzy) went crazy telling me how brilliant I was.

Yes, I was eating it up. You know, not everyone notices how amazing I am. Their fault, no mine. So, I moved to the end of the table to be modest and bask in the girl showing me attention. Before I know it, we had won, the table was starting to disband and head home and it was just the two of us. DUN DUN DUN.....

She starts talking politics and then all of a sudden puts her hand on my lower stomach (glad I wore the spanx). She starts telling me how the Democrats of America are keeping me from getting pregnant and at the same time have forced me into submission by being a stay at home. I won't tell you my political beliefs but I didn't agree with her. She told me she was Libertarian but she wasn't. She kept telling me if we put all the random people in office I would be pregnant when I want to be pregnant and I could do anything I wanted. I was really confused. I decided not to tell her I was physically incapable of getting pregnant no matter who was the president and that sweetie pie had a vasectomy a few years ago. It was really creepy coming from someone I had spent an hour talking to. And she held my hand a lot and touched my stomach. I don't think I am going to make that coffee date she wanted today.

the crazies are coming the crazies are coming

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Master List 10/13/2010 - 10/19/2010

  1.  hit up Food Lion for awesome Kraft deal
  2. Deep clean my kitchen
  3. Change sheets on our bed
  4. vacuum
  5. find a home for sweeties books
  6. get everyone around the table for dinner at the same time
  7. deep clean master bathroom
  8. finish a knitting project
  9. make poodle skirt
  10. clean out closet
  11. make trip to donate at thrift store
  12. polish wood furniture
  13. clean candle sticks

I can't work under this kind of pressure

My Sweetie-Cakes only has one class on Wednesday. Usually he stays close to campus or his office and catches up on grading or works on lectures. However, this morning he told me he could feel his gout (yes, we are really that glamorous) coming back so he was going to try and see someone at the campus clinic. Well, at 10am he was back home. I like having him home. I really do. BUT...

When he is here I can't get anything done. He isn't bothering me or constantly interrupting what I may be working on. What is doing is being here. I feel like I need to be constantly busy to justify the fact that I didn't get a job this semester but stayed at home. But having him here means I can't get anything done. I don't know what to do with the spot light shining on me.

Crap, I am just going to Starbucks and read for a while.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

They were dropping like flies,...but

My day is suffering from bipolar disorder. No, ...really, it is! I got up early to see my sweetie off to work. So that's fine. Then I stayed up to get ready to substitute teach for him and I get a call.
"I got the time wrong" he says. "You need to be there at noon".

So, great, whatever, I didn't really want to eat my big bowl of grilled chicken ceaser salad that I had been craving for two days. I would much rather leave it alone on the counter for the next three hours. Yes, I wanted that damn salad that badly!

So I get to the campus I only have one copy of the test for the 28 students. I don't know why!  So I have to find a copier but they put a freaking code on each machine. Guess what I don't have? Yup, a code.

I eventually make it to the classroom only 10 minutes late. I go over the rules, pass out the test and tell them what the bonus question is. Not five minutes later I have two students hand my back the test, no answers and walk out. I look up again three minutes later and there is a line queuing to hand back test. Now people, this test should take a well prepared person an hour to take not 8 minutes.

It onloy goes further down hill after that. I even told students who came in late they couldn't take the test -per the rules outlined in the syllabus.

So I get home and its pouring down rain. I drop my purse, things go everywhere. And there it is. My dishwasher. It died two Sundays ago. I called the repair people for our apartment complex. They come out and tell me it will be two or three days to get it back up and running. Well today was the last straw. They still hadn't been out to fix it. I call the honey-bunches and nagged and cry at him. I tell him I want a new damn washer to he is washing all the dishes from now on.

Was I being a tad over dramatic? Oh. Yes. I.  Was. Did I care? Nope. Did it work? I came back from the school pick up and there was a NEW dishwasher in my kitchen. I was so happy. So, So, happy.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I am stubstituting tomorrow...

Lucky me! My Sweetie is a professor at a local 2-year community college while he finishes his PhD. Tomorrow he has a meeting he can't get out of and I have to fill in for him by babysitting the class while they take an exam. His test make him notoriously hard by reputation. I actually don't mind doing a lecture for him because I am engaged. Tomorrow I just sit for an hour and change while they have mild nervous breakdowns.

Speaking of which. My step-son's school called and told us one of the teachers had suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be "dealt" with. Enjoy this video of the incident in question.

gone crazy

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well its official

It is official, I am only a stay at home girlfriend. I used to stay I was a student but after last week I was dropped from my classes. I tried to log into my school account and it denied me and when I called they said my financial aid had a snag and I wouldn't receive any for the semester. I was given two days to come up with a couple thousand dollars. I couldn't and my parents couldn't after shelling out $12000 for my sisters medical bills.

I am singing the blues right now. I really am. I am now completely and totally dependent on the boyfriend. Food, rent, anything! I also feel indebted to him. Like I can say no to his request like, "can you pick Jake up from school or Can you run these letters to the post office". It probably would do these things anyway. It is feeling like I don't have a choice that hurts right now. And the boyfriend has been great thus far. January can't come soon enough.