Friday, October 22, 2010

Sings: The thrill is gone, the thrill is gone away

I will stop singing now. Feel very blessed that you cannot actually here me through your computer. I can say honestly that I won't being winning Idol anytime soon.

Anyhoo loverlies- Last night was the last night my Smoosh Cheeks and I had alone before his son came back from a visit to his mothers. I was trying to get the romance going. I had Casablanca on the TV. It is a favorite for both of us. In fact I think we spent one of our first dates watching it. He wasn't into it at all. He sat at the dining room table playing some stupid conquer the world game on his laptop. Men! I turned the lights off and lit some candles. Still, nothing. Finally in the last two minutes of the movie he comes and sits beside me on the couch. Of course this is after I have thrown my hands in the air in defeat and went to the bedroom to collect my cuddle cow.

I think in an effort to appease me he payed for another of my favorite movies on the on-demand option. I watched Bridget Jones; The Edge of Reason. If that woman can get the romance going there may still be hope for me. Seriously people, at the end of the movie she was batting with two members of the VIP club. Sheesh!

How do you all keep the romance alive and well? Do you let love take its course? Are there planned date nights? Do those even work or do you feel pressure of forced into a mood that you may or may not be feeling on that day?

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