Saturday, October 23, 2010

My *perfect dinner party

I have seen this question floating around the blog world a lot lately. I have been asked in the past or tagged for this question and just put it off. I mean, there are so many fabulous people how could you choose so few. Well, mission accomplished.
Hey, its not like I have anything better to do with my time...

*by the way, everyone here is still alive and kicking as far as I know
1. The "everything" one- The everything one has to go to my sister. We are two completely mismatched peas in pod. We fight and annoy each other and two minutes later we break into song and dance. No, really, we do. we are a short a few marbles.

2. The funny one- When Snookie-Wookie started his PhD. classes we met some very interesting people. One in particular has become a dear sore of giggles and rudeness for me. She is a pirate and also studies them. she is currently in The Hague. She says completely inappropriate things and no one is safe from the spread of laughter and happiness she brings with her.

3. The thought-provoking one- John Stewart. I actually think he would be able to engage this mess of people in a thoughtful way and keep the topic of conversation on the vital points of current events and force people to think outside their own boxes.

4.The wow factor- Any number of my favorite authors. some are beach trash, some are legal minds, some are keeping ideas of romance in a small cottage in the English countryside alive.

5. The wild card- Kim Jong-IL. Because everybody at my party would be sitting across from him at the table going, "Dude, what the He$$!" or "Have you stopped or never started taking the anti-crazy pills?" Hay, it was a wild card.

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