Monday, October 25, 2010

I miss London and the life I wanted to have...

I met Honey Pot about 4 years ago. We will have been together 4 years in February, but that's not important.

So lets do a little background. I am a bit younger than him (by a decade or so). He is well traveled and brilliant (no, the over-degreed kind). For as long as I can remember I have wanted to live in London. It had to be London, and not some other shire or village in England.

I also had a less obvious desire to be my grandmother. She has never actually held a job. She was a mother and a political wife. She hosted teas, was an integral member of various campaigns and so forth. He life was glamorous and never mundane. I wanted that job (even if that job was a glorified housewife).

So when I met Boyfriend I learned he had just left the Foreign Service and had been stationed in London. I felt a twinge. Obviously I has smitten, he is very cute and charming (-when he wants to be). But he had just walked away from what I was working toward. Damn his scene of timing. I could have been a ex-pat housewife in London on my Governments dime. I am Super Hostess and would have made a great F.S. wife.

So, after we had been dating a year we took the big step of traveling internationally together. Sort of an anniversary gift for us. Yeah right, he was really there doing research for his PhD. But I was there for more. I slept in every morning and had a full English breakfast sent up to me room about 11am. What, didn't you know calories don't count if you are on vacation?

I wondered all around that city. I would pick up lunch and meet the BF in a park somewhere for a picnic. We would make dinner plans then he would head back to work. I would head to a Pub or Harrods (still paying those three hours off on my credit cards :(  ).

I guess today I am just missing those 2 weeks of what I thought my life would be like by now. Instead I am doing the school pick-up in Tennessee and laundry, lots of laundry.

When he proposes there had better be a plane ticket to Heathrow under that ring!

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