Tuesday, October 12, 2010

They were dropping like flies,...but

My day is suffering from bipolar disorder. No, ...really, it is! I got up early to see my sweetie off to work. So that's fine. Then I stayed up to get ready to substitute teach for him and I get a call.
"I got the time wrong" he says. "You need to be there at noon".

So, great, whatever, I didn't really want to eat my big bowl of grilled chicken ceaser salad that I had been craving for two days. I would much rather leave it alone on the counter for the next three hours. Yes, I wanted that damn salad that badly!

So I get to the campus I only have one copy of the test for the 28 students. I don't know why!  So I have to find a copier but they put a freaking code on each machine. Guess what I don't have? Yup, a code.

I eventually make it to the classroom only 10 minutes late. I go over the rules, pass out the test and tell them what the bonus question is. Not five minutes later I have two students hand my back the test, no answers and walk out. I look up again three minutes later and there is a line queuing to hand back test. Now people, this test should take a well prepared person an hour to take not 8 minutes.

It onloy goes further down hill after that. I even told students who came in late they couldn't take the test -per the rules outlined in the syllabus.

So I get home and its pouring down rain. I drop my purse, things go everywhere. And there it is. My dishwasher. It died two Sundays ago. I called the repair people for our apartment complex. They come out and tell me it will be two or three days to get it back up and running. Well today was the last straw. They still hadn't been out to fix it. I call the honey-bunches and nagged and cry at him. I tell him I want a new damn washer to he is washing all the dishes from now on.

Was I being a tad over dramatic? Oh. Yes. I.  Was. Did I care? Nope. Did it work? I came back from the school pick up and there was a NEW dishwasher in my kitchen. I was so happy. So, So, happy.

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