Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I can't work under this kind of pressure

My Sweetie-Cakes only has one class on Wednesday. Usually he stays close to campus or his office and catches up on grading or works on lectures. However, this morning he told me he could feel his gout (yes, we are really that glamorous) coming back so he was going to try and see someone at the campus clinic. Well, at 10am he was back home. I like having him home. I really do. BUT...

When he is here I can't get anything done. He isn't bothering me or constantly interrupting what I may be working on. What is doing is being here. I feel like I need to be constantly busy to justify the fact that I didn't get a job this semester but stayed at home. But having him here means I can't get anything done. I don't know what to do with the spot light shining on me.

Crap, I am just going to Starbucks and read for a while.

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