Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Need: New Laptop Spending: Swagbucks

I am desperate need of a new laptop. Mine is slowing down more and more everyday. The BF and I have the same computer though they were purchased about 4 months apart. Mine was a gift from my mother. His held up a little better than mine. Mine gets ridiculously hot doing nothing at all. When you turn it on and wait for the process to launch you can go fix breakfast and brew 12 cups of coffee and come back with fingers crossed that its ready to work.

The boyfriend and I are still working out our finances since I am a stay-at-home-girlfriend until January when I go back to school. When I go back I get a stipend to supplement my income but until then, nothing. So, my new $500 laptop in not in the budget.

I figured something else out though. In March I stared using Swagbucks. I instantly loved it. I installed the tool bar and do simple searches like amazon or facebook and they randomly award me points called Swagbucks. I like to save up my currency and then redeem my points for an Amazon gift card worth $5. I apply them to my amazon account and voila. I probably won't have enough Swagbucks to pay for a computer by the time I get my stipend, but today I realized I have $60 sitting in my account. By January hopefully I will have earned another $50. I am actually going to hold out as long as possible to continue saving.  I encourage you to sign up for Swagbucks too. You can stack your amazon gift cards in your account and they make a great treat for yourself or even stash them away until Christmas. Happy Swaggin'!

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