Friday, October 29, 2010

I am walking 3.2 miles for boobies

Tomorrow morning, at 8am I am going to walk 3.1 miles for Breast Cancer Awareness. This is truly a first for me. My Aunt C suffered and lost both her breast to the cancer, but not her life. I am walking with a great group of girls and my Sweet Puppy Dog, and his son. Here is the thing though...

1. I hate getting up that early. I mean REALLY hate it.
2. It is going to be cold in the morning. Like, 39 degrees cold. I am shivering already.
3. I am really lazy, I don't want to do it.
4. I was drunk when my best friend talked me into this. I want takseys backseys

I have been whining all night trying to impress the importance of these points to the Boyfriend. I really want him to tell me, "Okay, Honey, if you don't want to go you can stay bundled up in bed. We will bring you a bagel and coffee when we come back". -But that is not what he said, instead he said this...
"Honey, think of the breast! We have to save the breast! I mean, boobies, Honey, the world needs boobies!"

Okay, so to be serious. I have truly wonderful and amazing ladies in my family. Some of them have been touched by this horrendous cancer. It has taken lives, taken hope and faith, and it has taken their identities in some cases. I hate to say that I don't know anyone now who has not been touched in some way by Breast Cancer.

I will be out tomorrow proudly pounding the pavement with my girls to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. I believe we can and will find a cure. If you can, please click the pink link and make a donation. If you can't try to find a way to be involved wherever you may be. Every little bit helps and it makes a big impact.

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