Thursday, October 21, 2010

How not to wake a woman up...

So my Snookie Wookie-ums gets up and heads to class long before I like to open my eyes. This morning I got up behind him to lock the door on his way out. Sometime I do, sometimes I don't. I ran back to the bedroom and tried to get back to my warm spot and snuggle back in. I was successful!

But not an hour later, maybe 8:30ish I hear a knock on the door. A very loud knock. Oh mister UPS man, just leave the box there I will get it later. No, not this guy, he continues to BANG on my door for another five minutes. A woman can't sleep with this kind of distraction. So I get up to sign for a dumb package only to discover that this is not the UPS man at my door. This is very large, slightly scary looking man. He hands me a notice saying all door and breezeways must be kept clear and this was my final notice. Next time, as I was informed, my item would be removed and I would be fined $200!

Well, can you imagine how pleasant I was since I hadn't had coffee or enough beauty sleep? First, I told him I didn't have anything blocking the door or breezeway or any other f*cking place! He gruffly told me that if I didn't remove the lock from my bike that was secured to the staircase downstairs they would cut it and take it. I looked him square in the eye and told him to do it...because:

2. I will be telling my neighbors when they get home (obviously they didn't get the notices so management is going to be in big trouble.)
3. If you don't leave one way or the other I will call the police for harassment and destruction of property.

By the way, I went through and read the lease agreement and there is absolutely nothing in it about obstructions in the breezeway. HA! I never want to be woken up that way again. I am in such a bad mood, can ya tell?

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