Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The diagnosis is...

I went to the doctor yesterday. He diagnosed me with stress/ anxiety and mild to moderate depression. He gave me a prescription for a new anti-depressant and told me "little lady, sometimes its hard to be the one at home, but women have been doing it for centuries". I felt the smack across me face, couldn't you!

I felt completely dismissed. He didn't think counseling or therapy was necessary because he wrote a prescription. I know I may be in the same shoes as hundreds of other women but I feel like I am drowning most days. I sit in the floor in my bedroom and cry more days than I would care to admit. I feel cut off from friends and family and it seems like the boyfriend is out having a blast every night while I am stuck here in the 'burbs dealing with HIS son.

yes. I think stress, anxiety, and depression are all present. But I don't think a pill alone can sure all. Do any of you ever feel this way? Should I try to suck it up and carry on? Any advice????

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