Wednesday, January 19, 2011

frozen veggies vs. Fresh produce, where I stand

I love broccoli. It really is ridiculous how much I love the taste. I always have too, I was the little kid who thought if its green it must be good. Those other kids just didn't know what they were missing out on!

So, since I use so much broccoli in my cooking I decided to purchase a bag of frozen florets from both Kroger and Wal-mart instead of my usual purchase of two fresh crowns in produce.

The bag from Kroger was the biggest disappointment. I specifically bought the bag titles florets and upon opening the bag found mostly stalk with count them, 4, 4 florets in the whole bag! Gah, what a rip off!

The bag from Wal-mart was surprisingly significantly better. It was completely florets. I didn't have to toss any stems/ stalks from the bag. That scored big points with me. Secondly, it still had a fresh taste after it was cooked. The bag from Kroger had a very distinct frozen taste once cooked.

I am not telling you to buy frozen over fresh but if you want to stock the freezer like I did, I would say Wal-mart brand is the most satisfying choice.

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  1. I haven't cooked broccoli in a long time. Hubbs is just not a fan. I love broccoli with cheese :D
    *kisses* HH