Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kitchen rut

I can very easily get stuck in a rut in the kitchen. For the last year I have been obsessed with making a really good (not perfect) New York Style pizza. I have come close some times, I have also missed the bark entirely one most occasions. I have invested money in specialty tools, and wasted days waiting for three day rises on doughs. Why?

I can't say. I love pizza. It is one of my favorite foods and in my opinion you can't beat NYC style. But today I made my last rutty pizza of the quest. I just don't feel like putting more effort into the search and constantly being disappointed. I will probably make pizza on occasion but it will no longer be a once a week dinner feature like it has been.

So, are you wondering about my new obsession? It is actually to try a new recipe every two weeks. Lets face it, every week it a stretch with out schedule but with two weeks I can realistically plan, shop and execute.

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