Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The lady needs a spa day...

And so the boyfriend provides. February 3 was our 4 year anniversary. Let me tell you, that man spoiled me rotten!!! He arranged for us to have a private and personalized wine tasting at The Wine Loft. I was super happy with the wine selection. The food was good but defiantly not great. We ordered the shrimp and blue cheese pastries.

Only three of the four advertised came out. Our waitress told us one more was in the oven and she would bring it out when it was ready. I was a bit confused over that hick-up, is it really hard to put four in the oven at the same time? It basically boils down to puff pastry with one shrimp inside with too much blue cheese and some walnuts. A very little bit of chili oil drizzled on top. We both left the restaurant starving even after our shared dessert, a small slice of key lime pie.

Then we came home to unwrap gifts. I was practically giddy at the thought. The Boyfriend gave me Bridget Jones' Diary. An all time favorite for me. Then, I got the first season of the Tudors. I have been moaning for a while now that I am the only person who hasn't seen the hit show. I guess shushing me was a gift for us both.

But the Prize of the night. I got a spa package. The spa is Apropos in the Green Hills area of Nashville. It includes and hour long hot stone massage, hand massage and manicure and paraffin dip with my pedicure. I can't freaking wait to go. I am however waiting to make the appointment until the snow is gone. I am not wasting a pedicure on snow boots. I am dreaming of those 3 hrs of bliss.


  1. Hey happy anniversary! Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper to arrange all that nice stuff for you :D
    *kisses* HH

  2. Yes, I think I will keep him for a while :)