Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's funny because it's true

For the last 13 weeks of school I have been doing something that makes me cry at the thought of a Saturday. What could possibly make a college student drop tears at the thought of another Saturday morning rolling around you ask? I'll tell you. It is a Saturday morning class that lasts until 3pm. Yes, my friends, I am the fool who signed up for the class.

But today marked the last *class I have to sit through. Next weekend when I get up and make my way half an hour up the interstate to the campus it will be to turn in my final and play my part in the moot court. THEN I'M DONE!

And once I am done I have big plans my friends. I am going to go camping at Falls Creek Falls. I am hosting a scotch tasting for my 27th Birthday. And, we will be celebrating our neighbor who is graduating with both his M.D. and PhD. How awesome! Even though all of that will be fun, I am most looking forward to not waking up early on a Saturday and going to class, or making sure my Friday night isn't too fun, cause there is no sleeping it off the next day :(

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