Monday, May 7, 2012

My First Garden Harvest

I cannot believe I finally got something from my garden. Oh, it just made my Sunday!
Basil after harvest

I was having dinner at a friends house and she asked me to bring a drink. I made lemonade with strawberry puree and some fresh basil from the balcony. Oh course, it was made better because the basil was homegrown! Even the measly 0.1oz I harvested!
4 varieties of peppers

herbs and flowers I need to get planted this week

Weekly Totals:  0.1oz
Yearly Total:     0.1oz

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  1. I'm impressed with your garden. I have never been able to keep anything alive that way!

    I never considered basil in lemonade, and now you've got me curious. I must try that!

  2. Thank You! I have been trying for years to turn my brown thumb green. At this point I think might be green, lol.

    I love basil in lemonaid (with the strawberry puree). It really balances out the sweetness. Go light though!

  3. I would have never thought of basil in a drink either; I bet lemon basil would be great though

  4. Mary, I grew lemon bail last year and it was superb in seafood. I used it in marinades and sauces. Darn, now I wish I planted it this year, all I got around to was the Genovese Basil.