Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19th, The Weekly Shop

Today I did the main shopping for the week. I hope to make only minor additions to these groceries during the week and in time, not at all. I am new to this concept though, so, ya know, it'll take me a while. Most weeks I am shooting for $50. Holidays, birthdays, etc will bump up the budget at some point though, Le Sigh.

This week I went to Publix:

Publix Dry Pinto Beans $2.99
Canada Dry Ginger Ale $1.50
Ragu Pizza Sauce (x4) $1.49
Publix Milk $1.09
Purity Buttermilk $2.59
Publix Coffee $4.99
Publix Baguette $1.99
Publix Foil (75ft) $2.99
Lemon $0.67
Publix Mild Cheddar (8oz) $2.50
Publix Sour Cream $1.50
Bibb Lettuce $1.89
Romaine Lettuce $1.99
Sliced Button Mushrooms (8oz) $1.99
Collossal Sea Scallops (3) $3.15
BLSL Chicken $5.03
Steak $4.55
GRAND TOTAL $47.37 (before taxes)
Saved 3.22

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