Monday, September 27, 2010

Method Go Naked- Review

I recently helped a friend move into thier new home. She asked me to specifically pick up the Method multipurpose cleaner, Go Naked scent. I have been trying to phase out buying cleaners and instead making my own. The chemical situation is getting to  be too much for me. But at her insistance I picked the bottle up a bottle for myself as well.

The bottle says it is all natural formula without any toxic additives or Uneccassary impuities. It is the scentless and odorless option of their mulitpurpose cleaner line. Since I usually research and read reviews before I buy a product I thought I would let you all know what I thought of it.

And the verdict is: Love it!
I would/will buy this again. Not only does it stay true to the claim of odorless it really has been a multi purpose cleaner. I cleaned the master bathroom last night using only this product. It cleaned the grim out of the bathtub with ease. I got rid of the residue on my shower walls. Pure fabulousness right there ladies!

I also used the cleaner on all my counter tops and fixtures. Everything was super clean and shiny. I noticed that there was no residue or oily feeling left on the surfaces. A big plus. The came my true test: the mirror. BF is notorious for getting toothpaste and the like on the mirror over the sink. It can be really hard to get off with glass cleaner sometimes. Not this time though, I sprayed it on and let it sit while i cleaned the rest of the glass. I came back to it and it wiped off ridiculously easy. I didn't have to keep scrubbing to get it off. And of course, I only had one bottle to tote around!

I will tell you I always use a microfiber cloth. I noticed My firend was using paper towles with the cleaner during the move and I think it made a bit of difference in how little residue was left on the glass surface.
*I was in no way paid or compensated for this review, good or bad. I bought the product at target for $3.00.

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