Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Butoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti

Last night was very busy for us. The boy was getting back into the school routine. The BF and i were meeting friends for drinks late that night. I had data entry to do while the BF had a mountain of grading in front of him. So naturally this is when I am hit with the question of "What's for dinner?".

I knew we would be going out so I didn't want something that would be really heavy on our stomachs but I need something that would fill us up so we wouldn't snack. I peeked in the freezer and spied the Butoni wild mushroom agnolotti I had bought a month ago. I wasn't sure if it would feed all three of us but boy did it.

I cooked it for 6 minutes per the package instructions over a gentle boil. No time at all with two hungry men lurking in my kitchen! I grabbed a jar of left over sauce from the fridge and heated up. I poured it over the plump pasta and ta da! Dinner is done.

I loved this. I loved how easy it was to cook. I loved how it really filled me up, and honestly sometimes pasta just doesn't for me or the family. I liked how fresh the mushrooms tasted even though it had been in the freezer for a month.

By the way, no need to thaw, score!

My only complaint was the size of the package. I would love to find one that was a single serving so I didn't have to freeze the rest. I know my guys don't like to eat a lot of mushrooms but I just love them.

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