Monday, November 15, 2010

Newbie frugal tips

I spend money. I spend my Boyfriend's money. I spend anybody and everybody's money.

I also have the ability to be simultaneously cheap. I am new to the idea of frugality and probably need to learn a lot more. I have gone threw a trial by fire process to see what makes a difference in my bottom line and what doesn't. These are my top five frugal tips (that are working for me now, they can and most likely will change):
  1. Recycle Paper: This one may seem like a no-brainer but its a twist. I do take my newspapers to the recycling facility on Tuesdays (most of the time). But, what is making a difference in my wallet is saving copier paper. The Boyfriend teaches and usually comes home with 75-100 test sheets that they turn back into him every week. He will never reuse the test (they are always different). So I started cutting off the bottom third with nothing printed on it and using it to make my to-do list or grocery list. I also saved about half to print my coupons on or a recipe. I was buying one ream of paper from Office Max for $7.79 every month and a pack of poss-its for $4.49. Now I can go 4 months with out buying new computer paper and I stopped buying post-its. Total saved per year: $123.99
  2. Use Dishcloths: This was super hard for me. I love the convenience off just tearing off a paper towel and using it. I stopped though, in June. I was buying one roll of Viva paper towel every week at least at $2.29. I used it for spills, washing dishes, cleaning around the house. Now I have a full drawer of dishcloths and I use them. When dirty I toss them in the towel load and wash once a week. It doesn't cost any more in water, detergent or energy. I still have 3 of six rolls I bought in June. total saved 4months: $43.51
  3. Stockpiling: I think I do this pretty modestly compared to those with 6 months worth of food, health, and beauty items. I came across a sale for expensive shampoo that I love. I had coupons that made it .06 a bottle instead of the normal $6.49. I bought 5 bottles and put them under the sink in the bathroom. Now when I run out I grab a .06 bottle instead of driving to the store and paying $6.49. I have done this with deodorant, body wash, and laundry detergent (all purchased under .50 and item). I never buy more that 5 or 6 containers. I don't buy more till I am down to my last one or two of that item. So the shampoo deal saved me: $32.15
  4. Gas Points: I shop at Kroger for almost all our grocery and personal needs. I always take my bags in (all billion of them). They give you the option to have cents off your total or gas points for using your bags. We take the gas points. At the end of the month the boyfriend and I have around 700-800 points. We use those points for a gas discount at Shell Stations. Its .10 a gallon. He puts 11 gallons in his car every week. I put 10 in my car every week. total saved: $100 a year
  5. At Home: I love to have a glass of wine while I cook. Or while I chat with friends. Or folding clothes...watching TV...okay anytime is good with me. But when I go out to order a glass of wine I spend $6-9 a glass. At home I have a box of Blackstone wine. The box contains the equivialent of 4 bottles of wine and 5 glasses of wine in a bottle. The best part is that I don't have to worry about it going bad if I open the bottle and only have 1 glass. Its is sealed so no wasting. So at $7 a glass it would cost $140 (and a tip) to have 20 glasses at a bar or restaurant. The box of top rate wine cost $20. That is $1 a glass of wine. Total saved: $120 not bad since that is about a month for me :)

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  1. I am also good at spending other people's money LOL.
    *kisses* HH