Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Fabulous 2011, i'm back y'all

I finally feel like the chaos that is the holidays have left my mind, body and soul. Hoorah! I am looking forward to so much this year. I am going back to university January 13th to finish my public administration degree. The boyfriend is getting back on track with his research to finish his PhD. And maybe the biggest thrill. His son is going to graduate in may and we are moving back to our condo downtown in August.

This year I decidedly set broad goals (not resolutions). Here they are
  1.  be smarter about my finances and using my money wisely
  2. work on deepening my relationship and building ever stronger bonds
  3. stay on course to finish my degree 
  4. improve my cooking skills and range by attacking the "to try" pile of recipes in my binder
So far we have been pretty good about getting on track. We have made several recipes. Boyfriend is even cleaning up dishes, wow!

I get my financial aid package on the 24. I can wait to not be broke!

cheers, here is to the new year

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