Sunday, February 20, 2011

Balcony Garden day 5

Some of the seeds have popped up from the soil and it gives me such a zeal for gardening.

These are the English Daisies. I am practically giddy at the thought of them blooming up in the planters. I actually went to the big lots today and bought window boxes on the cheap. $5 a piece with dish. They were $16 at walmart. So if you are trying to garden frugally I highly suggest checking out your local Big Lots or Dollar Tree.

And since I was in the garden section I had to purchase a new packet of seeds. I had to, the Vandy garden gnome made me!!! Bet you don't have him growing in your garden, do you?
I purchased mint. I am going to grow it (fingers crossed) in the window in the kitchen. It gets about 5 hours of sun a day so we will see. I wasn't willing to take it outside after reading stories of it taking over everything. Well here is hoping I have this in a few months.

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