Saturday, February 19, 2011

What, you think you're going?

That was the question that fella posed to me last night while out celebrating. He has had a hard time working on his prospectus for his PhD. Topics and sources have changed many, many times. But, but, last week he got the go ahead from his committee and the ducks were lining up nicely. Then yesterday evening he asked me to help him find some great archives from Chinese missionary trips. I found some of the best in the world and compiled the list in order of substantial archival information to the most intricate rare specimen ( one photo isn't really worth the trip). So what does that mean? It means grant money and research trips. So we went out to celebrate.

At some point in the evening we started talking about some neat places close to one of the top archives. Me, being a little TYPE-A went ahead and made a google map while I was putting a list together for the top three archives of other excursions. Yes, I got ahead of myself. However, it was at this point when I was telling my fella,"oh my gosh, the best Italian restaurant is three blocks over" he looks at me and says...
"You think you're going?", "Don't you have classes this summer?", "Are you going to get a job?"

I wanted to punch him in the nose. HARD!

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