Monday, January 23, 2012

Money, it doesn't grow on tree's, it grows on paper

I am still in that whole "January is new year, a new me" mind set. Of course I have fallen off the diet plan, and the blog twice a week plan. The wagon I haven't fallen off of it "Be Smarter With Your Money". This year The Fella and I are slowly merging His and Her's finances. We are just feeling it out as we go. So far we have a joint savings and as of this morning a joint investment account. That joint investment account it my little baby. I love reading financial articles and my podcast list would make Ben Bernanke roll his eyes. But I find it all so... worth my while.

So what is this baby worth? I put the grand total of $50 in there. The minimum to open my account. I still have a huge fear of losing money. When you don't have a lot to start with, just handing it off to another company will give you a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach.

I have a goal though. I would like to earn $1. I don't want to lose any money and make a small profit for the month. This is my first go of it so let see how I do.

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