Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Have A Garden Itch

I know, every year, just about this time, I get an itch to start growing things. I think it's because of a few things; I have yet to try my hand at fall and winter gardening so I feel a ache to get my hands back into the dirt and get something from it. The other problem is that darn it, its cold and grey and looking at seed catalogs reminds me of Spring and 78 degree days.
This an orange geranium seedling

This year we are doing it on our small, Midtown Nashville balcony. My fingers and toes are crossed for luck. I think to help me feel a sustained sense of satisfaction I am going to keep up with the numbers from this years spring harvest and see what I accomplish. maybe I will even spur myself into a fall garden.
This is an orange geranium seedling all grown up

To get started lets look at what I have spent and what I received for that amount.

$23.73 for seeds (I highly recommend generic seeds, so far great germination rates)
$8.00 for seed starting flat and box of extra pellets
$31.73 total expenses

I have:
Cucumber seeds
Tomato seeds
Peppers seeds (4) varieties

Thyme seeds
Rosemary seeds
Cilantro seeds
Basil seeds

Geranium seeds
Coleus seeds
Bells of Ireland seeds
Impatiens seeds

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