Monday, May 28, 2012

Garden Harvest May 28, 2012

Keeper of the Jalapenos
I have been traveling for two weeks and I am so glad  to be home. The first thing I did was run to the balcony to make sure my dear friend Jen had not let the plants die. She called me about half way through the trip and confessed a brown thumb. I love her, but timing is not her strong suit.
Cayenne pepper, yum

Would you believe what has popped up in my garden while I was gone. So far I have harvested about 3 of these little guys.

Keeper of the lettuce

Weeks Harvest : 0.00oz
Yearly Harvest : 1 oz

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  1. I like your "harvests"! Too cute!

  2. Want to share the seeds for those guys? I want some in my garden!

    1. I wish I could, it really just depends on the plant sitter you arrange. Some are magical like that :)

  3. your little gnomes are cute! Glad that things seem to be ok!