Monday, May 21, 2012

Garden Harvest Monday 21, 2012

Today is a slightly unusual garden harvest post. We have a condo in Nashville were I have some items in containers and that is what I usually post. Today I am posting from the garden from the big house in Chattanooga. It is there veggies and flowers get planted in huge raised beds that surround the pergola with our patio furniture. There is something so nice about sitting out there, eating dinner amongst the gardens that it came from.

Just like in Nashville we have 4 different types of peppers growing. Those are to keep the fella happy and make lots of salsa, our favorite summer snack!

I plucked this asparagus as soon as I saw it. I can't tell you how much better it tasted than what we buy at the store. It is the very first asparagus spear I have gotten from the garden. EVER!

I have four little broccoli plants growing. they seem happy but the step-kid doesn't seem to happy about what might happen if the broccoli comes inside the kitchen, GASP.

I took this photo on Thursday. This morning I counted over twenty blooms between the two plants. They are boston pickling :)

onions and tomatoes
We put onions in this year for the first time. Beside them are the tomatoes, romas. It really feels like we plant juust enough to come away with good salsa. sigh, problems man, problems.

This rosemary plant is not mine. I didn't plant it nor do I really take care of it, short of the occasional hair cut for pity sake.If i were standing next to it in the photo it would come up to my shoulders. In the back ground you can see  where we eat many a summer meal.

Weeks Harvest : 0.4oz (1 asparagus spear)
Yearly Harvest : 1 oz

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  1. looks like your garden is just rockin' right along! Tomatoes in the south always seem to have troubles. When I lived in TX they were either destroyed by the stink bugs or they got some kind of fermenting rot in them...

  2. Ha, I found one problem last night, a fat chipmunk lounging in the garden!