Monday, November 8, 2010

The truth waistline

On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of two of my dear friends. I spent the first hour on the verge of tears. No, no they were not tears of joy. The were tears of fat.

I had spent the morning at a race for my step son so when we got back with only two hours until the wedding The Boyfriend and I said, "nap time". We woke up with 20 minutes left for two showers and a quick pressing of clothes. Not great since I can easily spend 20 minutes under the shower.

I rummaged through the closet for clothes while he got his shower and laid everything out. That is where is all starts going down hill. The first outfit The Boyfriend put on looked like it was three sizes too small. I gave him another coat, a gift from two Christmases ago. That one wouldn't even button up. Out of five custom made suits, only one was able to pass for the wedding. It was not better for me. I even put the spanks full body suite on before trying to wiggle into my clothes. The pencil skirt refused to go over my hips. The cocktail dress didn't zip up and my boobs were a full cup size to big for the maxi dress!

I ended up wearing something that looks more bank teller than hot tewnty-somthing out to party and celebrate. I told my better half that starting monday things have to change. I mean it. If want to be able to walk in my closet and not be scared to try on anything. Living in sweat pants and t-shirts gives you a false sence of your shape. I put all my in a suitecase and shoved it under the bed today.

So everyday for better or worse I will enter my weight and try in ernist to keep a food journal.

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