Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Starting the seeds for my garden, Day 1

I had my first garden last year. It was a container garden given that my only outdoor spot was a 2nd floor balcony. One bit gets full sun, another gets partial shade and the back corner is full shade. Last year a learning curve to say the least.

I went to the farmers market and simply picked out flowers I liked the look of. Unfortunately they were almost all full sun flowers. The lasted about a month before giving up and dying. This year I went online and studied what worked well in Shaded areas and container gardens. I have one of each variety this year. I have some cascading petunias for the full sun rail. I bought English daises for the partial sun rail. And the sad back corner will gets lot of color (fingers crossed) with inpatients.

I purchased them as seeds because 1) its cheaper and 2) I like watching them grow and peak through from the dirt. It gives me a real sense of ownership. I should see the first signs of life in about 7 days and the last of them by day 14. Wish me luck that my garden is full of these wonderful flowers this summer...

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